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“Lifeguard” Elk Saves Drowning Marmot [VIDEO]

It is not always humans who intervene to save wild animals from peril; sometimes it is another animal who comes to the rescue.

At a zoo in Pocatello, Idaho, a resident elk became a hero when it rescued a wild marmot that had climbed into the elk’s water tank and was unable to escape. You will hardly be able to believe the images shown in this video.

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The marmot, perhaps looking for a quick drink, entered the elk enclosure at the zoo underneath the fence and quickly became trapped in the deep tank. The elk, named Shooter, seemingly could sense the smaller creature’s distress and circled and pawed at the tank for around fifteen minutes while deciding how to assist the marmot.

Shooter was finally able to reach into the tank and gently grab the marmot with his mouth. He then set the rodent down and carefully pawed at it with his hoof, as if to indicate to the marmot that it was now safe. The marmot then recovered in the sun for several minutes before scampering back to his burrow.

Zookeepers believe that the elk was willing and able to help the marmot because his basic needs are being met at the zoo. The fact that the elk must not focus solely on survival means that it can use its brain in other, more advanced ways. Saving this marmot was possibly because of that reason.

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It just goes to show you just how smart animals can really be.

Have you ever witnessed an animal saving another or perhaps exhibiting high intelligence? If so, we want to hear all about it in the comments section below.

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“Lifeguard” Elk Saves Drowning Marmot [VIDEO]