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Lie Detector Test May Have Derailed This Angler’s $48,000 Prize

Annette Hilton/NZ Herald

An angler in New Zealand is being denied his competition prize for a huge marlin because of a lie detector test.

Dean Young caught a 301-pound marlin on the first day of the Hawkes Bay Sports Fishing Club contest in early February. The prize for the winning fish was a new Isuzu utility vehicle valued at $48,000.

However, Dave Baty from OddsOn Promotions, the promoter of the Mega Fish competition contracted by the club, didn’t believe the catch was legitimate. A clause in the competition entry stated that the winning angler may have to undergo a polygraph test.

Six weeks after the contest, Young was flown to Auckland to take the test and failed.

Questions asked of Young included if he caught the fish, if he and his team were fishing within tournament boundary waters and if anyone had tampered with the weight of the fish.

Young maintains that he and his crew followed all rules, including keeping the marlin in a chiller for three days after weigh-in for examination. Young also has GoPro footage of him catching the fish, along with GPS coordinates.

Club officials say that Young’s gear was appropriately calibrated. In addition, the club says that Young’s crew were past presidents, vice presidents, club captains and weigh masters of Hawkes Bay Sports Fishing Club. All of the crew testify to the validity of Young’s catch.

The club’s current weigh master believes Young has all of the evidence needed to claim his prize. The current club president, Alex Smith, says the club backs Young and his crew.

Baty says that Young’s claim is still under investigation.


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Lie Detector Test May Have Derailed This Angler’s $48,000 Prize