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Liberty University Allows Guns in Dorms

Liberty University allows guns

Liberty University allows guns in dormitories now and students react.

As the college school year starts back into full swing Liberty University allows guns in student dorms. This new policy makes Liberty one of the most gun-friendly universities in the U.S.

Liberty University is a private university in Lynchburg, Va., that contains a student residential population of 15,000.

Students must be of legal age and go through the proper class of acquiring a concealed carry permit from the commonwealth of Virginia. The class is taught on campus, and was requested by students when the policy was finalized.

University officials believe that numerous unknown guns on campus, in fact, makes the campus safer from any threats.

"Only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun," said senior Dan Carr.

Students are allowed to possess a gun in the dorm, but must contact the Liberty University Police Department to have a safe installed in the residence.

Additionally, all roommates must appear at the police department to give approval of the gun on the premises before the gun is approved.

Liberty joins about 30 other college institutions that allow guns on the property.

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Liberty University Allows Guns in Dorms