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Lexis Chancey Catches Giant Grouper from a Kayak [VIDEO]

With a title like “Biggest Grouper Ever Caught by a Girl in a Kayak,” you’d expect to see a big fish.

That’s exactly what you’ll see. The young lady’s name is Lexis Chancey and she happens to be the daughter of Captain Ben Chancey of Chew On This Fishing Charters.

If you think girls can’t fish, watch this video. They are presently listing this as a probable female world record for a goliath grouper caught from a kayak.

Now that was a big grouper! She definitely put the issue to rest: girls can fish just as good as the guys.

This fishing family gets the job done, and they have an abundance of YouTube videos to prove it.

One of Ben’s specialties is goliath grouper fishing, and he made a name for himself in Southwest Florida by putting people on huge fish. Apparently, Lexis wanted to prove to her dad girls can catch world record class goliath grouper from a kayak too.

I’d say she proved her point. Nice job, Lexis!

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Lexis Chancey Catches Giant Grouper from a Kayak [VIDEO]