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Lever Action Throwdown: Henry Rifle vs. Spencer Rifle with The Gunny 

The Henry Rifle caused devastating casualties to its opponents at the end of the Civil War, and best of all its still a viable fighting weapon.

There are definitely rifles that put way more rounds down range than a Henry, like the AR-15, the AK47, or even the massive M2 Machine gun.

What made the Henry Rifle so awesome was this was the first rifle that could reliably and quickly load multiple cartridges in one rifle. As the old Henry saying goes, “You can load on Sunday, and shoot all week long.”

Also, the Spencer was definitely a formidable rifle on its own. Want to see these two stacked up against each other? Want to see The Gunny fire them? Then you’ll love this:

The Spencer did a very similar function as the Henry rifle, however there was one more added function the shooter had to do. After manipulating the lever the shooter had to also pull back the hammer so that the rifle would fire after pulling the trigger.

In the live fire comparison, Gunny fired 22 rounds while the opponent only fired 14. Back in the end of the Civil War, the Henry was clearly delivering fire superiority. The Henry Rifle is still being sold across America, and even internationally. What keeps this rifle still in service after more than 100 years since its inception?

Classic looks, artisan accents, and massive cartridge selection keeps the Henry Rifle at the forefront of its competitors. You can get just about any major pistol cartridge in the Henry Rifle list, and you can also get up to the heavy hitting 30-30, and 45-70 rifle cartridges. These cartridges will smash through their targets with ease.

So, the choice between the two is rather obvious, no?



The Henry 45-70: Knock Down Large Game with Ease

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Lever Action Throwdown: Henry Rifle vs. Spencer Rifle with The Gunny