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Let’s Talk About Fishing Braid [VIDEO]


Are you using the correct fishing braid when deep sea fishing?

When sportfishing in the open water of the ocean, the gear you have must be at its best.

Captain Mike Genoun is the Editor-In-Chief of Florida Sport Fishing, and knows a thing or two about going after fish in the deep blue sea. Listen to his pro tip on choosing the correct braid and the importance behind it before heading out on your next deep sea fishing trip.

The importance of the type and strength of line you choose doesn’t just apply to ocean fish, but freshwater fish as well. A good braided line can be a huge help when going after large catfish and other scale-tipping fish.

This is why it is vital to do your research on whatever species you are targeting to make sure you don’t show up with the wrong equipment for the job.

Just because one type of line is good at catching one type of fish it doesn’t mean it is good at catching others.

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Let’s Talk About Fishing Braid [VIDEO]