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An In-Depth Review of the Urban Carry Holster, One of the Newest Holster Innovations

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What can the Urban Carry Holster do for you? Check out this review of it in action to learn more. 

The good folks over at Urban Carry Holsters sent us over a size small holster that fits the Kahr PM9 compact pistol for review. This little pistol has faithfully served me for many years and I was looking forward to testing the Urban Carry out. The small-size holster is listed to fit the following pistol models: Ruger LCP, Taurus TCP, Mustang (Colt), Kimber Micro, S&W .380, Bodyguard (S&W), Kahr CM9 & more.

The holsters are also available in sizes medium, large and extra large to guarantee that every style of concealed carry handgun has a place in their lineup. The extra large model incredibly is listed as fitting the big ol' Glock 21. Urban Carry Holsters sent a size 40 heavy duty black leather gun belt that is very impressive.

EJ Photography

Made in the United States, the Urban Carry Holster and the belt are all-American products through and through. The tough leather construction is heavily stitched and gives off that leather aroma that fellow classic leather holster enthusiasts love. A great feature on this holster is that there is a little pocket stitched on the outside of this holster for your concealed carry permit or other identification.

In the next series of pictures, I show the correct way to draw your pistol from an Urban Carry Holster.

EJ Photography

In this testing, I was assisted by my lovely wife, my father and my best hunting buddy nicknamed "Grizz" for his big stature and toughness. I'm about six-feet tall and about 160 pounds soaking wet. My father is about the same size and my wife is petite. These individual sizes will come into great importance later in this review on the Urban Carry Holster to show its versatility regardless of size or frame.

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The Urban Carry Holster acts almost like a second pocket where your pistol sits securely beneath your belt line under your pants. It is attached to the heavy duty belt and a flap that extends over the top. Magnets hold the top in place and the whole rig is extremely secure. You are certainly not dropping your gun out of this holster when carrying it, even on a roller coaster.

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How well does it work? This is where the subject gets a bit more complicated. Your choice in belt tightness is vital. Do not wear the belt as tightly as you would normally to allow easier pistol draws. Also looser-fitting pants are a must with this holster design. Remember, any pistol bulk must be concealed with the looser pants.

What problems did we have? Well as my father and I found out quickly, it is harder to conceal anything on a guy that has the shape of a telephone pole. This is once again where the looser fitting pants may help you out. While in the sitting position, the bottom of the holster did seem to want to dig into the leg and hip connection area with my model.

This might be different with the other size models or even other pistol choices. Drawing the pistol takes practice. Make sure you draw in a controlled manner so you won't fling your pistol with too quick of a movement. Smooth and controlled is the name of the game when drawing from this deep concealment holster. In the sitting position, one must lean back and move their legs and hips higher to make a draw. When holstering the semi-automatic pistol, the holster tended to push my Kahr PM9 out of battery. Care was taken with every draw and insertion to make sure the pistol's slide was fully forward when seated into the holster.

My wife with her petite stature found this holster would not be a good option for her as when she sat, it was an uncomfortable feeling.

My friend "Grizz" realized that he had a tougher time attempting a draw with this holster. It requires two hands to draw and in a life and death struggle with an attacker, your left hand maybe blocking an attack and thereby not able to do its part for the draw.

EJ Photography

On a whim, I tried a Ruger LCP Custom .380 pistol and found my earlier finds were the same with this tiny pistol, too.

All is certainly not negative with the Urban Carry Holster, though. While we found that there was some issues personally with comfort and drawing time, that is not telling the whole story. Everyone has a slight different body shape and this holster might just be perfect fit for them. Also your handgun choice and holster size will certainly make your Urban Carry Holster fit you individually different than anyone else.

In summary, the Urban Carry Holster is an absolutely brilliant concept in concealed carry. One must truly try a version for themselves to see if this holster is their best option for carry as it is with any other make of holster or handgun choice that is available by any maker. Thanks to Urban Carry Holster for letting us try out this awesome holster concept - their innovation had our respect before and certainly has earned it now!


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An In-Depth Review of the Urban Carry Holster, One of the Newest Holster Innovations