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Let’s Shoot an AK-47 Until it Completely Melts Down [VIDEO]


What happens when you shoot as many rounds as possible as fast as you can from an AK-47?

The AK-47 is legendary for its durability and toughness under the most extreme conditions. What does it take to finally get one to fail?

Let’s see what pushes the AK-47 to the absolute limit!

I was a bit surprised with how quickly this gun failed. I’ve heard the many stories about the AK-47’s durability. You always hear about them getting dropped in mud, filled with dust and rocks, or run over by a tank, and they’re still fully functional.

Of course, the end of the video shows how the AK-47 lives up to its reputation. These guys get it to function again with a crude, but effective, in-the-field fix.

It’s a testament to this legend and why it’s still in such heavy use worldwide today.

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Let’s Shoot an AK-47 Until it Completely Melts Down [VIDEO]