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Let’s Help This Guy Find Out Who Stole His First Buck

A Wisconsin hunter has had his first buck stolen from the meat locker, and we want to help. 

There are many things in life that you’ll never forget, and a first buck is near the top of the list. Kevin Bush was hunting in Wisconsin when he shot his very first buck. He later took it to the People’s Meat Market in Stevens Point, Wisconsin… from where it disappeared.

He’s offering a $1,000 cash reward to anyone who leads him to the buck.


Here’s exactly what was shared on Facebook:

$1000 to anyone who seeks out or finds out who took my buck head from People’s Meat Market in Stevens Point. Authorities are involved but I need my fellow hunters help to get this scum bag. It was my first buck and it means so much to me. It was taken between November 4 evening and 5th in the AM. Again $1000 cold hard cash no questions asked.”

There’s something special about harvesting your first buck, so let’s help Kevin locate his buck!

Every year, it seems taxidermy mounts and deer are stolen for their antler value. So, it might sound crazy… but keep a close eye on your trophy deer.


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Let’s Help This Guy Find Out Who Stole His First Buck