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Let’s Go for a Swim: Moose Calves Cross a River [VIDEO]

Would you follow your mom across a fast-moving river? These moose calves did. 

These two moose calves are highly uncertain of the fast-moving river current. Their mom, on the other hand, can swim it like an Olympian. That doesn’t matter, however, because these two calves will not cross. It definitely is frustrating to Mom that her kids will not follow her to get across.

I thought parental frustration was only a human trait!

Take a look at how this moose tries her best to get her calves to cross a river.

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The river looks to be moving pretty fast. It’s deep and far too dangerous to cross. It is amazing to see the mom moose swim across these moving waters so adeptly.

She sure is determined to get her kids to follow her lead. I have to side with the moose calves on this one, but what do I know about raising moose calves?

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Let’s Go for a Swim: Moose Calves Cross a River [VIDEO]