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Happy National Dog Day: Let’s Go Camping with Dogs [PICS]

These dogs featured on the Camping with Dogs Instagram account will make you want to hit the trails with your own pup.

They love hanging out with a view.

Ryan Carter is the owner of a social media agency in Nashville and two pups named Bailey and Cooper. He started the Instagram account @campingwithdogs this year where Instagramers can view photos, and share their own, of adored dogs in the wonderful outdoors.

Carter launched the account this year and has already received 31,000 mentions on the social media site and says that number does not include the direct messages he has received. In total, Carter believes he has received more than 50,000 photos of Instagramers and their beloved dogs.

Right now, Carter is helping to organize the first ever national Camping With Dogs Day that will take place on September 5. Groups around the country will come together and take camping trips with their pups.

Find a group near you here.

Once you find a group to camp with, participate and share you own photos to @campingwithdogs using #campingwithdogs or #NationalCampingWithDogsDay.

Flip through the slideshow to see some of the top photos from the @campingwithdogs account.



Dogs love a good campsite sunrise.


They never let you forget to take them with you.


This is everything. A sleeping burrito!


They love hanging out with a view.


The best alarm clock money can't buy.


Playing follow the leader.


Daytime naps in the tent.


They carry their own gear.


They share special moments.


That awkward moment when your dog has better #campstyle than you do...

Call of the Wild.

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Happy National Dog Day: Let’s Go Camping with Dogs [PICS]