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Let’s Compare Drinkware: Reviewing Water Bottles and Insulated Mugs


Water is life, so how you carry it when you’re not near a source for clean water shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Whether you’re hiking and looking for a water bottle that is leak proof, or just need something in your cupholder that will keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot, there’s a lot of options out there and each of them serves a different purpose.

Here’s a quick review of some products and experiences that may help you decide which works best for your needs.

Hydroflask $21.95

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This product won the honor of Hydration Anywhere’s best water bottle of 2015. I had one this summer that I would fill with ice and leave it in my truck with the windows up all day, only to come back to my ride with a cool sip of agua.

It was even hot to the touch on the outside, with ice remaining inside. I’m no scientist, but the way the double-walled insulation works is pure wizardry.  

On the downside, they are a little on the heavy and bulky side of things and might not be practical for backpacking on long stretches.

Yeti Rambler $29.99


I had the honor of winning one of these in a contest among Wide Open Spaces staff, and it’s won my heart. I take it everywhere. I can say with confidence that this product is worth the price.

The same double wall insulation technology that exists in the Hydroflask products keeps your beverages at their desired temperatures for extended periods. I’ve owned a few cheaper aluminum coffee cups too, and put those through the ringer. Not only does this one actually keep your coffee warm for hours, but it can survive a few falls without suffering any cosmetic damage.

These things are the real deal, although I will say that if you’re a klutz, you might want to be wary of the fact there’s nothing that covers the opening on the lid. On the other hand, those mechanical parts can sometimes prove really difficult to clean.

However, they are convenient and road-ready when you’re chugging a cup of Joe on the road and don’t have two hands to open your container.

Klean Kanteen $10.67

If you’re looking for a steel water bottle, these are a lightweight, but durable option. Klean Kanteen won the honors for Hydration Anywhere’s Best Water Bottle of 2016. The lightwieght design is a much better option for backpacking and hiking, but the seal and durability give this product a rugged reputation that can hold up to the abuse of any serious outdoor enthusiast. ranked the Klean Kanteen as the best brand of steel water bottle. They also have insulated versions of their products as well.

Camelbak Chute $10

CamelBak revolutionized the way outdoor enthusiasts hydrate.

The Chute comes with a snapcap that snaps into place when it’s opened, making it easy to fill and it doesn’t smack you in the nose while you’re drinking from it, so that’s another plus.

The legacy of the CamelBak brand is also under a lifetime “Got your Bak” guarantee. It’s also one of the only BPA-free plastic water bottles available with double wall insulation.

Thermos Intak Hydration Bottle $9.99

These lightweight bottles are made with a rugged BPA free plastic, and are equipped with a easy access flip lock and pop top button that make opening and closing it with one hand a breeze. It’s even complete with a meter on the lid that helps you keep track of your daily intake.

Nomader $19.95


If you’re looking for a BPA free plastic collapsible water bottle, the Nomader is top of the line. It’s cap and mouthpiece set the product apart from other collapsible containers that are difficult to fill.

It is collapsible, but it will also retain it’s shape if filled or empty, making it easier to fill and drink from. It comes with a built in compression strap for easy, compact storage. Best of all, it’s backed by a lifetime guarantee that it will never shatter, dent, or leak.


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Let’s Compare Drinkware: Reviewing Water Bottles and Insulated Mugs