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Let’s Bust Some 458 SOCOM “Buzz Saw” Ammo Through Some Meat, Shall We?


The 458 SOCOM “Buzzsaw” is a new subsonic round made specifically for close range hog hunting. 

The 458 SOCOM has long been a popular round for hog hunting. The large and powerful round is perfect for one-shot kills on the hard-to-take-down piggies.

Black Butterfly Ammunition has recently designed a new version of the 458 round. They call it the “Buzz Saw”. It is a 500 grain subsonic round, that fires at 975 FPS. Upon impact, it mushrooms open like a buzz saw that continues to twist and cut into game.

GY6vids on YouTube recently got their hands on some. They did what any of us would do: shoot meat into submission with it.

All of those 458 SOCOM rounds are scary powerful. I can only imagine what the recoil would be like without that gas block turned down.

I still can’t believe it blew that ham apart like it did while still shredding into the ballistics gel. Not something you would want to get hit by.

If you’re a hog hunter, I think you should really look into purchasing a setup like this. I don’t think you would meet a hog you couldn’t take down with any of these rounds. Especially the Buzz Saw.

If you are interested in ordering some rounds from Black Butterfly Ammunition, visit their website. Be sure to use the code “GY6vids” from the video to get your 15% off.

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Let’s Bust Some 458 SOCOM “Buzz Saw” Ammo Through Some Meat, Shall We?