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Let Darcie Show You How to Hook Live Bait

Darcie will show you how to hook live bait using the Mustad Hoodlum 4x Strong Live Bait Hook.

As anglers are aware, if you know how to hook live bait you’re going yo have fun on the water, no matter what you’re after.

Let Darcie teach you the proper methods for hooking live bait whether your hunting tuna or tarpon.

This hooks made for medium to large baits and is designed to catch big strong fish both inshore and in the deep ocean. Depending on where your located this hooks are ideal for tuna and tarpon.

If you want your fish to swim down hook them through the tail near the anal fin, for trolling hook the bait through both lips.

The most important part of using this hook is setting it. As most of the fish you’ll be catching are aggressive you won’t have to worry about setting the hook too much. That being said the best way to set it the hook is to take the slack out of the line and raise the rod high into the air in a fast motion.

You know all you need to know now about how to hook live bait, so get out there and rip some lip.



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Let Darcie Show You How to Hook Live Bait