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Less Strict Gun Laws Go into Effect in Ohio [VIDEO]


Relaxed gun laws have gone into effect in Ohio.

Major victories for the pro-gun community have been signed into law in Ohio. Governor John Kasich signed the bill last year and the law was finally approved in Legislature.

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What this bill reportedly allows is the use of noise suppressors for wild game such as whitetail deer, squirrels, rabbits and some birds. This is to allow hunters to better protection for their hearing from the loud reports from firing guns. It would also aid in noise reduction in the immediate area.

Opponents have their own thoughts on using noise suppressors for hunting. They feel it may allow for easier poaching and that they will make the weapons unsafe.

For the state-mandated concealed carry course class length, the time required has been shortened. It was formally 12 hours and will now be a mandatory 8 hours. A mandated two hours will be dedicated to live firing training.

Opponents say this is not enough time. Some other states do not require a course at all to get a concealed carry permit.

Background checks in Ohio have also become tougher with the new law.

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Less Strict Gun Laws Go into Effect in Ohio [VIDEO]