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This Leopard Went Mud-Fishing and Instantly Regretted Its Life Choices

Fuzz Fix

Here’s the story of a leopard that wanted a fish, but got a mouth full of mud instead.

Guide Hugo Breed had been watching a big cat stalking a lake on a private reserve called Leopard Hills in South Africa. The enterprising field guide then decided to go back the next day with camera in hand to see if he could catch the leopard in action.

Fortunately for us, he did, and the photographs he captured are an amazing look into what wild animals do to survive every single day. Unfortunately for the leopard, the lunch that was swimming in front of him was stuck in a part of the lake that wasn’t much more than mud.

Here’s what happens when you jump in the ‘water’ with your mouth open. Like any leopard, it stalked its prey and made its move.


The big cat pounced with all the effort it would if there were a gazelle down there.


They say that a leopard doesn’t change its spots, but this one didn’t have any left to change. But wait, what’s that in its mouth?


The best part of the ordeal, the catch was made and dinner was served!


The big cat looked almost completely unrecognizable as he emerged from the mud.

Hugo, who is a guide for Leopard Hills said, “He was definitely not very happy about it. Cats in general do not like to be dirty. He was trying to shake the mud off his legs as he was walking along. I saw him the next day and his head and chest area were very clean, but most of his body was still a bit muddy and dirty.”

Let’s hope that this muddy guy can get to the fish easier next time or at least have some clear water nearby to clean up in.

All photos via Fuzz Fix


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This Leopard Went Mud-Fishing and Instantly Regretted Its Life Choices