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Leopard Runs Wild Through Hospital in India [VIDEO]

And you thought American healthcare was bad.

At least we don't have to worry about wild leopards running through the hallways of our hospitals. That's what happened last Sunday in the small town of Meerut, India. A fully-grown male leopard wandered into town from a nearby forest, and decided to take a stroll through a crowded city market and local army hospital.

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The leopard only attacked one person, the photographer dispatched to film the incident. The cat took a swipe at his leg, but didn't severely injure him.

The local police managed to trap the leopard in one of the hospital rooms and shoot it with a tranquilizer dart, but that didn't slow it down. The crafty cat slipped past police, and is now on the loose somewhere around Meerut.

Encounters between big cats and humans in India's urban centers are becoming more common. As the country continues the development of forested areas, more big cats are venturing into towns and city centers and encountering humans, such as the hospital incident last Sunday. Hunting has also been banned in India since 1970. In January, wildlife rangers were searching for a man eating Bengal tiger in Northern India that had killed five people.

What would you do if you saw a wild leopard while you were in the hospital? Share you thoughts in the comments below.

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Leopard Runs Wild Through Hospital in India [VIDEO]