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Leopard Hunter Takes the Biggest Risk of His Life

A leopard hunter experiences what I call a close encounter…

Check out this video from ahmed197914 and watch as the leopard charges the hunter from only a few feet away. It’s the kind of stuff that will send chills up your spine.

If someone were to tell me this story and not have video proof, I would find it hard to believe they weren’t exaggerating… at least a little bit.

This incredible footage is one of the most insane encounters of leopard hunting in Africa I have ever seen. Talk about your ultimate campfire story.

The video begins with the hunters approaching a cave where their leopard has been cornered, but it doesn’t take long before the big cat decides he has had enough. As the hunter stands only steps away, the leopard charges right at him with his outstretched claws in full attack.

You can see in the slow motion replay that the hunter managed to cock the hammer on his pistol and fire a shot just inches away from the cat’s chest.  I’m not sure what caliber handgun the hunter has (it looks pretty substantial), but the leopard still manages to wrestle around with the hunter for a few more seconds before it calls it quits.

It’s hard to tell in the video if any more shots were fired but it is all over in a matter of seconds.

… And then they all changed their shorts.



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Leopard Hunter Takes the Biggest Risk of His Life