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This Leopard is the Epitome of Being a “Branch Manager” [VIDEO]

When a leopard can chase you out to the end of a branch like this one does, you may as well give up.

A baboon with only one tree to climb is as good as it gets to a hungry leopard.

Up until now I bet you thought that the baboon was the better climber and safe out on that limb. Now watch as the hungry wild cat proves us all wrong.

That leopard can climb a tree with some disgusting speed! Primates like the baboon live in the trees, so you would think they could escape even a climbing predator like a leopard.

Think again!

Even more amazing was the amount of a fall that both of these animals could survive. Leopards have a wide distribution throughout Africa and Asia and are well known opportunists when it comes to feeding, often dragging their prey into the trees for protection once the kill is made.

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This Leopard is the Epitome of Being a “Branch Manager” [VIDEO]