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Flying Leopard Dive Bombs Unsuspecting Impala [VIDEO]


A leopard takes a huge leap from a tree to kill an unsuspecting impala in this remarkable video.

You've seen house cats land gracefully on their feet, but you've never seen anything like this. Photographer Yasmin Tajik was on a safari trip in Botswana's Moremi National Park when she captured this once-in-a- lifetime footage of leopard dive bombing an unsuspecting impala. Take a look.

Check out these videos:

Tajik described the encounter in a recent blog post for Africa Geographic.

The scene continued to unfold in front of us, as she tore into the flesh of the impala, enjoying the spoils. She then made a second attempt to drag the carcass up into a tree, but the weight of both the leopard and carcass were too heavy for the branches and both subsequently fell to the ground.

The leopard eventually hid the carcass under the tree and took a long nap in the shade.

"The opportunity to capture the entire scene unfolding right in front of me was pure luck. A big thank you to our ranger Tutalife for his excellent tracking skills."

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Flying Leopard Dive Bombs Unsuspecting Impala [VIDEO]