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Leopard Cruelly Plays with Its Food in South Africa


The harsh realities of nature are well-illustrated in this video from South Africa.

Just about everyone has seen video of big cats taking down prey in Africa, but this one is a little different. This leopard has caught a baby impala for dinner. But instead of eating it, the leopard decides it wants to play with it first!

While watching this, all I could think was that I’ve seen this before. I’ve watched our house cats bat around and play with small birds and rodents just like this out in the yard before. It’s really strange to watch and see this happen on a larger scale, but this likely where that behavior comes from.

While it is difficult to watch, especially with the baby’s screams and the mother impala in the background in some shots, this leopard video is just another example of how life isn’t like a Disney movie. This is the circle of life at its most brutal, and it goes to show mother nature is the most cruel mistress of them all!

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Leopard Cruelly Plays with Its Food in South Africa