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Leopard Becomes a Muddy Mess While Fishing [PICS]

These incredible images document the successful hunt of a leopard in Botswana. It wasn’t going to let a little mud get in the way of its next meal!

via Greatstock / Barcroft Media

While on a photographic safari in the Savuti Channel in Botswana, 57-year-old electrical engineer Abel Coelho captured what few have ever been lucky enough to film – a leopard plunging into a muddy watering hole after a catfish.

These “fishing” leopards have a unique skill in catching fish. The feat has rarely been photographed.

Lucky for Coelho, the guide he was with got a tip that a leopard was hunting in the Hippo Pool area. After racing to the location, they arrived just in time for the muddy action to begin.

All pictures via The Telegraph

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Leopard Becomes a Muddy Mess While Fishing [PICS]