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Watch: African Leopard Attacks Big-Game Hunter [VIDEO]

Watch as a leopard hunter becomes the hunted in this extreme footage.

This first-hand video of an African leopard ambushing a hunter has been circulating the web for a couple years. We don’t know when or where it was filmed, but it appears to take place somewhere in sub-saharan Africa.

In the video, a team of hunters tracks a leopard to a thick patch of brush and open fires on the big cat. The wounded leopard charges out of the brush and mauls one of the hunters. Luckily, he survives but he sustains serious bite marks to his legs and stomach.

Warning: This video contains some strong language.

More intense big game hunting videos:

This video bears a striking resemblance to a video we recently shared of a group of a big African game hunter being attacked by a lion. In that video, the hunter was able to fire off a last minute shot to avoid being mauled to death by the angry lion.

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Watch: African Leopard Attacks Big-Game Hunter [VIDEO]