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The Legend of the White Monarch – Wisconsin’s Famous Albino Deer [VIDEO]

The beauty of an albino deer is alluring to all, but one in particular caught the attention of a Wisconsin community for over 10 years.

In cultures around the world, the white deer has appeared as a spiritual guide, or as a harbinger of spirituality. From European to Asian mythology, to Celtic and Native American tales, the white deer appears in stories and fables, many teaching the lesson of humility, especially within nature.

A story related by a Lac du Flambeau elder tells of creation and the assignment of roles as leaders to the different animals.  The role of the white deer is to remind us of our spirituality.

Albino Deer Sheds Antlers [VIDEO]

Albino Deer Sheds Antlers [VIDEO]Watch this rare sighting caught on camera.

“This white one represents the sacredness of all living things and they should be left alone, never hunted or bothered.  When we see them, we should take notice of our own spirituality and think about where we are with it.” 

Indeed, it is not hard to feel humbled by the sight of something so beautiful and rare, but only those who have gotten the chance to experience an albino in person can truly know the feeling.

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The White Monarch’s story is a short one, but not due to its lifespan. The allusive albino was a staple of the community for a decade, yet was only caught on camera a handful of times. One woman in particular was especially entranced by this majestic creature, and made it her mission to document as much of his life as possible.

First seen in 1983 by Jane Siemcheck while bowhunting the bluff area of Wisconsin, The White Monarch was just a fawn, but Jane knew he was something special. When she returned home and her husband didn’t believe her, she vowed to photograph or video him at least once. She would end up spending 10 years and making more than 500 trips into the field to accomplish this feat, and thanks to her persistence this buck’s story will live on forever.

By 1989, the buck was about six years old and was a local legend. Though many tried, no one could get close enough to get a photo. Then later that year Jane’s relentless pursuit paid off, she was finally able to capture him on camera.

For the next 3 years “The White Monarch” was not seen by anyone, even his sheds couldn’t be found. In 1992, Jane captured her last video of the buck while he was eating in a corn field. At the time it’s estimated he scored over a 27″ spread and weighed almost 300 pounds.

Watch the video below to hear the above narrative, as well as some choice footage of The White Monarch.

A truly beautiful animal – one that defied the odds even in a state that protects the lives of white deer. Even with that protection from hunters, albino/white animals are twice as likely to become prey in the forest. This deer’s allusive abilities must not have just covered humans, but his enemies in the forest as well.

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No one knows what happened to the The White Monarch. We’d like to think that he passed away of his own volition, on a beautiful night with the wind in his face and the feeling of having lived a good life. What we do know is that his story will live on, and the legend of the white deer continues.

Have you ever seen an albino or white deer? Do you think they should be protected? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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The Legend of the White Monarch – Wisconsin’s Famous Albino Deer [VIDEO]