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Legally Armed Uber Driver Stops Gunman in Chicago

Photo via Facebook/SecondAmendmentNews

An attempted mass shooting ended with no innocent bystanders injured all thanks to a law-abiding Uber driver with a gun, in Chicago of all places!

An armed man began shooting into a crowd of people at Logan Square in Chicago late Friday night. After witnessing everything from his vehicle, an Uber driver with a concealed carry permit immediately responded to what could have been a horrible incident by pulling his own weapon and firing six shots at the gunman.

The gunman was later identified as 22-year-old Everardo Custodio, who is currently being treated for gunshot wounds to the thigh, shin, and lower back at Advocate Illinois Masonic hospital.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Uber driver was in a parked car nearby when he witnessed Custodio shooting into a crowd of pedestrians at the 2900 block of North Milwaukee Avenue. The driver, who has only been identified as a 47-year-old male from Little Italy, fired six shots at the gunman and remained at the scene until police arrived. He immediately presented his valid concealed carry permit and firearms owner's identification card.

Authorities say that the driver will not be facing any charges because he was acting in self-defense and in defense of others. Custodio on the other hand will be facing charges of aggravated battery and unlawful use of weapons charges. He was also denied bail on Sunday.

Jen Mullin, an Uber spokesperson, told the Chicago Sun Times that all drivers are required to follow federal, local, and state laws pertaining to firearms. She intends to interview the driver as well as the passenger who was dropped off shortly before the shooting began to verify that the firearm was transported accordingly.

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Legally Armed Uber Driver Stops Gunman in Chicago