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Lebron James Jr. Catches a Fish, and His Dad Flips Out [VIDEO]

Lebron James Jr. gets his dad pumped with this catch.

Lebron James is spending his offseason enjoying the summer weather, vacationing with his family, and doing a little deep sea fishing.

Check out this Instagram post he shared, and try not to smile at the proud father's reaction.

Check out more basketball players in the great outdoors:

That's the kind of outdoor family fun that gets us all excited.

From LeBron Sr.'s Instagram caption:

Bronny caught him a black fin tuna. Need to put him on 'Wicked Tuna'. #WeWasHyped #WhatColorWasIt #JamesVacation.

As plenty of Instagram commenters have pointed out, it's likely a bonito and not a tuna. They're part of the same fish family, but the distinct dark stripes lead us to believe it's a bonito as well.

We'll cut the guy some slack; he's just beginning an interesting off season, which may or may not see him resign with the NBA's Championship runner up Miami Heat.

At least for now he's enjoying himself with an activity we'd all love to be doing on our vacation.

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Lebron James Jr. Catches a Fish, and His Dad Flips Out [VIDEO]