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Leave Crocodile Feeding to the Professionals [VIDEO]

Professional guides show tourists that crocodile feeding is part of their everyday job description. What’s the worst that could happen?

These professional guides decide to add crocodile feeding to their repertoire in an effort to give everyone a little more active entertainment for the tour.

How would you like to take a boat tour with guides that get out and feed the crocodiles for you? Sounds pretty cool, right?

Well, these tourists almost witnessed more than they could bare when a guide loses his footing during the crocodile feeding. Luckily, he manages to keep all of his extremities intact, but not before making everyone watching gasp in terror.

These guides may do this every day and think they know the crocodiles, but they are certainly flirting with disaster.

This slip-up could have easily turned into a horror show if the crocodile decided that little scrap of meat wasn’t going to satisfy his hunger.

The guides do this every day and feel safe doing so because they know the crocodiles aren’t hungry enough to attack. The everyday feedings keep the crocodiles mild mannered.

If you ever encounter a crocodile in the wild, DO NOT ATTEMPT to feed them as these guides do.

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Leave Crocodile Feeding to the Professionals [VIDEO]