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Leatherman Launches Crowdsource-Style Multitool Line

Leatherman has taken multitool production to a new level.

Leatherman leads the multitool pack by leaps and bounds, and is known for its innovation and dedication to quality. Now they’ve launched the first line of multitools designed out of user and consumer generated feedback.

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According to the company, the By the Number PocketTool line will consist of a limited production of individually numbered minimalist keychain tools.

“The idea stems from crowdsourcing sites, like Kickstarter,” said industrial designer Blair Barnes, the creator of the new By the Number line. “We’ve based the plan for these tools from the input we’ve received from Leatherman owners, and our goal is to create different options and seek feedback on each to see what is most valuable to our consumers.”

They’ll only produce 1,000 of the models per quarter, and each tool will be based on consumer involvement through the Leatherman website and on each product’s page.

The best part? Grabbing a By the Number PocketTool on Leatherman’s website won’t cost more than a decent meal. The MSRP will be $10-15 depending on the tool, and about five to ten new models will be introduced twice a year.

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The PocketTools are already designed to be flat enough to fit in a pocket and feature a multitude of screwdrivers, pry edges and wrenches in one 3/16″ stainless steel. Future models may be more niche-specific, but Leatherman is all ears when it comes to designing the next By the Number tool.

“If we tried to make one tool that did everything for everyone, we’d just be making another full size multi-tool. The great thing about By the Number is we can make useful items based on highly requested features. In the future, we can quickly measure response and consider bringing back a design in our permanent line, modifying it to meet different needs, or retiring a model completely.”

If Leatherman keeps pushing out products with the consumer so strongly in mind, maybe it won’t be long before more companies catch on and do the same.


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Leatherman Launches Crowdsource-Style Multitool Line