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Leash Your Pets: Deer Protecting Fawns Killed 2 Dogs in Montana This Week

Leash Your Pets Deer Protecting Fawns Have Killed 2 Dogs In Montana This Week
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Helena pet owners beware: deer protecting fawns have killed 2 pet dogs this week. Make sure you keep your pets secured or on a leash.

According to Sergeant Dave Loewen of the Montana Department of Fish and Wildlife, there have been two confirmed cases of mule deer does protecting their fawns by killing pet dogs this week. Specifically, both incidents occurred in the city of Helena Deer and involved the population of mule deer that live in and around the city.

It is likely that these deer were protecting fawns hiding very close to people’s homes and reacted to the appearance of the dogs by treating the dogs as a threat. Officials have confirmed that the dogs were both small breeds, though they did not say the specific breed. They also stated that since the deer killed these dogs while protecting their fawns, the deer will not be removed as “problem animals.”

Wildlife officials are reminding people that most of the mule deer in the Helena area give birth to their fawns during the month of June and that residents should keep their animals on leashes while outside to avoid conflicts with local wildlife.

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Leash Your Pets: Deer Protecting Fawns Killed 2 Dogs in Montana This Week