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Learn These Top 3 Duck Calls for Beginners

New to duck calling? Save yourself time and money by choosing one of these duck calls to get you started.

Cal, with Midwest Flyways takes a moment to help beginning duck callers choose the right duck calls to get you started. I showed the video to two duck calling, hunting guides from my hunting team, Top Pin Outdoors, and they agreed this was spot on.

Duck calling takes time and practice, so getting started for cheap with the right calls is of great importance. Watch Cal below describe to you his idea of the best three duck calls for beginners.

In the video Cal describes these top three duck calls for beginners:

"The Deceiver" (DR-85 Mallard Call) - Haydel $19.99

This is a double reed call, perfect for the beginner and gives you a raspy sound. Many forums claim this call is responsible for more duck deaths than any other call in the market.

"The Baptizer"-Duck Commander $24.95

Single reed call with great range.

"Single Reed Mallard"-Flextone Game Calls $22.40

Super raspy, single reed duck call. Great call to transition from a double reed to.

Once you get your new duck call and get familiar with it, check out this video of some Duck Calling Tips for beginners.


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Learn These Top 3 Duck Calls for Beginners