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Think You Can Rig a Drop Shot? Kevin VanDam Does It Better

learn to drop-shot

The drop-shot rig is one of the best bass-catching tactics going.

If you want to learn to drop-shot from Kevin VanDam, check out this video.

A couple of interesting notes about this video. It’s a little older and Kevin had more hair then, but the tactic has remain largely unchanged since this was recorded.

Why? Because it works. In deep, clear lakes a drop-shot rig is a top producer. But I’ve used it in just about every type of water you can imagine including stained rivers and weed-choked inland lakes.

I’ll fish a drop-shot any time I feel fish are relating to offshore cover be it rock piles on Lake Erie, weed lines on smaller inland lakes or ledges in reservoirs. The drop-shot rig flat catches fish and the ability to change baits quickly and easily makes it shine.

There’s no limit to the different types of lures that can used either. Wacky-rigged Senkos, nose-hooked finesse worms, tubes, minnow baits, swimbaits, even jigs. If you can attach it to the hook, you can fish it with a drop-shot rig. And it’s not just for catching bass either — perch and panfish anglers are employing the rig as well.



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Think You Can Rig a Drop Shot? Kevin VanDam Does It Better