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Learn How to Cook a Caveman Steak

Who needs a pan? Cook yourself a caveman steak and chow down.

There are tons of different ways to cook a steak, but the caveman steak method is about as simple as they get; build a fire, wait until you have a good bed of hot coals, and put the meat on the heat.

Watch the video to see a first attempt at cooking a caveman steak.

That looks like a great way to cook up a deer tenderloin in the field. If you believe Steven Rinella, it could even improve your luck while hunting.

The best part is that you don’t need to take any special equipment while hunting, although a small vile of spices weighs next to nothing and will improve the flavor of you mountain meal.

Simply start a fire (you do carry firestarting equipment, right?) and let it burn down while you field dress the animal and bask in the success of the day’s hunt. The long drag or pack out will seem a whole lot easier with a belly full of caveman steak.



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Learn How to Cook a Caveman Steak