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Learn to Tie Two Indispensable Knots [VIDEO]

As the first mate on Fishing Frenzy, a North Carolina tuna boat, Billon Hollingsworth knows a thing or two about knot tying.

In this short, informative video, Billon demonstrates two of his favorite knots.

Watch and learn.

Whether your out fishing, boating, or hunting, the number of uses for the bowline and the clove hitch are virtually endless.

As Billon Hollingsworth noted in the video, the beauty in these knots is that they are easy to tie, they won’t come untied, and they are easy to untie when you want to.

I’ve been a poor knot tier my whole life and this video really helped me out. The next trick will be remembering these knots when I need them in the field. We’ll see how that works out.

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Learn to Tie Two Indispensable Knots [VIDEO]