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Learn How to Tie the Strongest and Smallest Braid to Leader Knot Ever [VIDEO]

Check out this video and learn how to tie the last braid to leader knot you will ever need to learn.

Knot tying is one of the most valuable skills that any angler can learn. A poorly tied knot can lead to lost lures and, even worse, lost fish.

If you are angler who uses braided line and leaders, then the braid to leader knot demonstrated in this video by Carters Custom Rods is one that you should definitely learn.

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There are other benefits to this type of knot besides simply securing your terminal tackle. The leader is less visible in the water to fish than the braid by itself which can lead to greater hookups and in the event of a major snag, the leader will snap first and preserve your expensive braid.

This knot has a test strength of between 120 and 140 percent which is a very high rating and makes breaks or slippage very unlikely. Try out this knot the next time you are preparing your gear for a fishing trip and it will likely become a new go to knot for years to come.

There aren’t many things that are more frustrating than losing a fish if any size due to a knot coming untied mid-fight. Trust me, I speak from experience in this matter.

What type of knot do you use the most? Do you practice knot tying? Start the discussion in the comments section below.

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Learn How to Tie the Strongest and Smallest Braid to Leader Knot Ever [VIDEO]