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This Roll Cast Will Keep Your Fly out of the Trees Every Time

Learn the roll cast from Orvis endorsed professional fly fishing instructors and improve your game.

Learn the roll cast from Orvis and you have the next technique on the list right after the basic cast. It is going to let you cast from tight confines when there is thick back cover behind and still put a fly out accurately and with some distance.

There you have it, the basic roll cast and then some tips to get more distance and accuracy for your fly presentation. The beauty of this instruction is that once you have the basics down, it won’t take you long to perfect a roll cast and get into those tight places, which can actually be the most productive fishing spots for elusive trout, who like thick cover and overhanging brush and trees.

This is one of the techniques my wife and kids are going to learn at fly fishing 101 this May when they take a full day of lessons from an Orvis endorsed dealer and fly fishing instructor. For more information on fly fishing instruction locations available from the pros endorsed by Orvis see this link.


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This Roll Cast Will Keep Your Fly out of the Trees Every Time