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Learn to Shoot, Hunt and Cook Ducks in 7 Minutes [VIDEO]

Come along on this journey with a brand new hunter that learns to shoot, hunt and cook ducks from the pros.

If you want to eat a wild duck that you killed yourself a good place to starting place is learning to shoot. When the star of the PBS show Original Fare Kelly Cox decided to make a duck hunt her quest, she solicited the best help she could find.

Watch Kelly Cox journey unfold as she learns to shoot, hunt and cook ducks from the best!

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Holly Heiser is the editor of California Waterfowl Magazine and is an experienced duck hunter and waterfowl photographer. Heiser studies ducks, is involved in waterfowl management and projects throughout California and has been an avid duck hunter for years. She also thoroughly enjoys eating the ducks she harvests.

When Holly heard that Kelly had never shot a gun, and in fact was afraid of guns, she contacted Dale Tate to teach Kelly how to shoot.

Dale Tate is a professional gunmaker that trained with James Purdey & Sons of London, England. He is also a certified National Sporting Clays Association shotgun shooting instructor. Dale's business, Tate Gunmaker is located in Ione, CA on the grounds of Camanche Hills Hunting Preserve.

I must disclose that Dale is one of my best friends and that I was an apprentice gunmaker under his tutelage nearly 20 years ago. Dale has a unique, straightforward and effective method of fitting a shotgun to the shooter and teaching an instinctive shooting method that seems to work for everyone.

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Learn to Shoot, Hunt and Cook Ducks in 7 Minutes [VIDEO]