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Learn How to Quickly Fillet Panfish with This 1-Minute Demonstration [VIDEO]


Learn how to quickly fillet panfish catch for your next family fish fry.

Crappie, bluegill, perch, and sunfish are also known as “panfish” due to their small size that fit easily in any frying pan. They are very popular fish that many anglers catch by the basket load for summer fish fries.

Learn a fast way to fillet both sides of any panfish in less than a minute from this quick demonstration from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

Cleaning and filleting panfish can be a very time consuming task due to their small size.

Here are a few extra tips to remember when you are fishing for and cleaning various types of panfish:

1. Only keep the ones as big or bigger than your hand. Let the smaller ones go as they generally aren’t worth the effort of filleting.

2. If you have a small fillet knife, they are a lot easier to control on the smaller fish than a larger blade.

3. Keep a knife sharpener close by and sharpen your fillet knife often. The duller you let your knife get the harder filleting becomes. The tip will especially dull quickly when you are sliding it past the bones of the rib cage.

Now that you have the knowledge of cleaning panfish, grab your kiddos and plan a fish fry. Take them out, catch as many as you can, and teach them how to clean their own food.

They will beam at the fact they caught, cleaned, and get to eat something they did all on their own.

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Learn How to Quickly Fillet Panfish with This 1-Minute Demonstration [VIDEO]