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Learn the Proper Way to Fillet a Salmon [VIDEO]

After catching a fresh Chinook salmon, you'll want to know how to properly fillet it.

This lady shows how to clean a salmon quickly and effectively. Learn how to fillet a salmon with little to no waste in a fast, methodical process.

Now it's time to learn how to fillet a Chinook salmon.

Another piece of advice before filleting a salmon is to purchase a quality fillet knife. It will allow for a smoother experience. Cheaper fillet knives will require a sawing motion to cut the fish which damages the meat.

Salmon are also known for their healthy fatty acids that combat heart disease. Fishing isn't only fun, but also provides a healthy meal choice.

After watching this video, cleaning should no longer be an issue. However, don't forget about the pin bones. Many places have machines to remove them, but if not you'll have to remove them the old-fashioned way.

A good way of removing pin bones is to run the fillet knife backwards to raise the little bones. Once they are protruding, take tweezers and pull out the bones.

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Learn the Proper Way to Fillet a Salmon [VIDEO]