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Camping Hack: The Swedish Torch [VIDEO]

The Swedish  Torch is a camp stove made out of a single firewood log that provides hours of consistent heat.

The idea has been around for centuries. It’s practical for survival situations, but it’s also a fun project to try during your next camping trip.

There’s two ways to make a Swedish Fire Torch. The easier method involves a chainsaw. You can also use an axe, machete, or hatchet, but the process will take longer.

Start with a log 1-foot to 2-feet tall that is wide and flat enough to hold a pot or frying pan. Make four downward cuts across the diameter without cutting through the base of the log.

Image via YouTube/markthomasbuilder

Use the wood shavings from your chainsaw cuts as tinder. Newspaper, small sticks and other tinder works well too. Simply stuff it inside the center wedge and fire it up.

Here’s what the process looks like from start to finish:

Image via Pinterest

This video has more instructions. It’s super easy, if you know how to wield a chainsaw.


If you really want to be a mountain man, you can use a machete or hatchet to cut down a tree you find in the bush. Once you have your timber, cut a 1-foot to 2-foot log with a flat base, and then quarter it. With your blade, shave off bark twine into rope-like strands and use them to tie the quarters into a bundle.

Here’s a video that explains that hardcore version better.


There’s no shortage of camp stoves you can try out, but this effective campfire method might just be the new way you do it in smaller scale situations.

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Camping Hack: The Swedish Torch [VIDEO]