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Learn How to Make a Knife from an Old Saw Blade [VIDEO]

Watch the process of transforming an old saw blade into a knife.

Want to learn how to make an awesome-looking knife? This video gives a step-by-step process of creating a knife from a saw blade.

Although the knife might not be the most functional, it will certainly look awesome and will strike up a conversation.

Learn how to make a knife from an old saw blade.


Repurposing old tools into knives make for great pieces of art. If this is the first knife you plan on making it may be challenging, but this video will point you in the correct direction.

Also, if the circular blade is too much work, a straight blade saw might be a little more time efficient, if budgeting time is an issue.

The finished product of this new knife is extremely cool.

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Learn How to Make a Knife from an Old Saw Blade [VIDEO]