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Learn Ideal Shot Placement on Feral Pigs [VIDEO]

Got pork? Learn how to shoot wild hogs, dropping them dead in their tracks.

Feral pigs are a nuisance, causing severe devastation for landowners and farmers all across the country. Hunting and trapping are common methods used in efforts to keep this invasive species in check.

This video shows the anatomy of pigs, revealing their vitals. It also reveals the ideal shot placement for killing these nuisance animals.

Anyone who has hunted hogs can tell you what tough animals they are. As seen in the video, their vitals are much different than a whitetail deer, and for that reason you would not want to shoot tight behind the shoulder.

The ideal location for a shot placement is taking out the cervical vertebrae, located between the front shoulder and the ear hole. To perform this shot, it is crucial to wait until the pig turns broadside.

Aiming for the vertebrae is a very forgiving shot. Missing four inches to the left or right would still be a deadly shot, as it would take out both front shoulders or hit the brain. All three shot locations will drop the pig right where he stands, guaranteeing a quick and humane kill.

Several years ago, I was hunting at my lease down in south Texas. I had a small boar standing in the sendero about 120 yards away. As I took steady aim with my .30-06, I put the crosshairs right behind his shoulder and squeezed the trigger. Following a faint blood trail for over 200 yards, I never found the hog.

I vowed from that day on to only shoot head shots on pigs moving forward. I have shot several pigs since then, and I can honestly say that not a single one has taken another step after the shot.

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Learn Ideal Shot Placement on Feral Pigs [VIDEO]