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How To Learn From Your Hunting Footage to Improve Next Season’s Chances

Hunting footage to improve next season's chances

Missing hunting season already? Learn how you can use your hunting footage to improve next season’s chances.

Now that deer season is over it’s time to start planning for next season. One of the best hunting resolutions you can make this year is to use your captured hunting footage to improve next season’s chances. Whether you are just going off of trail camera photos, or you have pictures and video that you have gathered while out on the hunt, they can all be used to help you piece together the puzzle that is hunting.

Label Everythin16g

The first thing you need to do is make sure everything is labeled. This will ensure that the information you are getting is correct. Check dates and times and make sure they match up with when the footage was actually captured, if you are tracking movement and using the wrong dates it completely defeats the purpose.

Once you have everything labeled and in chronological order, it’s time to actually start going through and studying the materials. Some of the key things to look for are what time animals are moving, what weather is doing to your game, and how many animals you are seeing (if you can tell different animals by certain characteristics that is even better.)





Take Notes

When you watch, watch closely and take notes. If you are really planning to use your hunting footage to improve next season’s chances you need to really study it. Keep a notebook with you while you watch the footage and take notes of what is happening.

If you see a doe come out of the woods at 8:12, then make a note of that. The more details the better; you can use weather sites online to find out the details of the day in question and add data to your notes like date, humidity, sunrise/sunset times, and even wind direction.

All of these factors will play into what makes animals make the choices they do everyday, and while the animals may not do the same things next season, even in the exact same conditions, the more data you have the better chance you have of predicting their next move. I recommend using some kind of spreadsheet to keep track of this information. With a spreadsheet you can sort based on the conditions and it will hopefully give you a better idea of what to expect on your hunt.

Hunting footage to improve next season's chances

Study Your Film

You can learn even more from hunts that you have filmed, whether the hunt ended in a successful harvest or not. Watch these even closer when it comes time to take the shot or when the animal makes a strange move if they start heading in a different direction.

You can watch this footage over and over until you pinpoint exactly what went wrong. If it was an error on your part, practice whatever you did wrong until you know that the same mistake will not happen next season. If you can’t figure out what it was maybe go back to the woods in your hunting location and stand where the animal was and look and see what it saw when it was spooked, something may stand out that you can change before next season.

Just remember, the more you know, the better your chances for success. Filming a hunt or trail camera footage does you no good unless you actually study and use it, and the more time and effort you put into the studying process, the better results you will see for your time.

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How To Learn From Your Hunting Footage to Improve Next Season’s Chances