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Learn How to Perfectly Sear Fish [VIDEO]

Hank Shaw shows us how to perfectly sear fish. You think you know how but you really don’t. 

Hank Shaw, the creator of my favorite blog Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, shows us how to sear fish correctly.

You think you know how but to get the perfect fried fish, Hank Shaw is here to help.

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Ever try to pan fry your fish and it just doesn’t taste like the restaurant’s? Is your fish not perfectly crisp and then soft on the inside?

It may be because you’re using olive oil. Or maybe you are aren’t using butter for the finishing sauce and using it to fry instead, making the fish have a bitter flavor due to its low smoke point.

I consider myself pretty adept in the kitchen but now I realize I have been searing my fish all wrong.

Hank Shaw goes through the simple steps to perfectly sear fish. It’s easy but there are a few key steps that can make your fish perfect.


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Learn How to Perfectly Sear Fish [VIDEO]