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Learn How to Find Your Dominant Eye

Knowing which eye is your dominant eye is crucial to success when shooting a rifle or bow.

In this video, expert shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss demonstrates an easy way to determine your dominant eye and also offers some suggestions on how to shoot if your dominant eye switches from one day to the next.

Watch and learn from a pro.

As Kirsten mentioned in the video, finding which eye is dominant is the first step in building your shooting position. For example, if your left eye is dominant, you’ll want to shoot left-handed, even if you are typically right-handed. It’s easier to adjust your body to your dominant eye than the other way around.

If you struggle with both eyes being dominant at different times, choose an eye and stick to it. If you feel your opposite eye is distracting you, close, squint, or cover it with a blinder, allowing your other eye to become dominant.

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Learn How to Find Your Dominant Eye