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Learn How to be a Practical Rifleman

practical rifleman

By becoming a practical rifleman, you'll be prepared for any shooting situation.

Becoming a practical rifleman or woman is a goal that all shooters should strive for. Gaining an intimate knowledge of your weapon and how to use it will help you make the most of your shots whether you are defending yourself and your family or looking to put a little meat in the freezer and bone on the wall.

Watch the video to learn how you can become a practical rifleman; then get out on the range and make it happen.

Jeff Cooper is best known for his work with handguns and instruction on their use, but he definitely understood the value of becoming proficient with a rifle. This led him to design the scout rifle, which can be used for hunting or self-defense scenarios from point blank to 400 yards.

Using his snap shot exercise will help you gain faster target acquisition and sight alignment, something that could come in handy when a buck jumps from his bed at your feet while you're walking to your stand, doing his best to put some distance between you and him before you're able to land a killing shot.

The rifle ten drill mentioned in the video is a great way to test your accuracy under stress, something you'll surely be feeling if your life is in danger or you're looking at the biggest buck of your life through your riflescope.

However you choose to practice, getting out on the range with your favorite rifle will make you a better shot. Buy some ammo, hit the range, and hit what you're aiming at when it counts.

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Learn How to be a Practical Rifleman