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Learn These Great Turkey Hunting Tips from Kentucky Afield

Get great turkey hunting tips from the experts at Kentucky Afield and get out and bag that big-bearded bird this spring.

Let Tim Farmer, host of Kentucky Afield, pass on some great turkey hunting tips based on years of hunting experience.

Turkey tips 101 is great for the newcomer to this special kind of hunting as an introductory video, and it also acts as an excellent refresher for those veteran turkey hunters

These turkey hunting tips cover everything from personal camouflage, positioning, blinds, calls, gun type, shotgun patterning and where to shoot the bird. However, one of his biggest tips is scouting. Something you should be doing now and leading up to the opener is to locate those hunting spots.

As Tim Farmer says, there is no time like the present to get into turkey hunting. He also points out that if you don't bag a turkey that first season out, don't be discouraged. Look at every season as gaining experience and learning. With time and the honing of your skills you will get on some good birds.

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Learn These Great Turkey Hunting Tips from Kentucky Afield