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Learn About the Glock 43 Pyramid Trigger Kits

Crisp. Light. Short. The Pyramid trigger kits for the Glock 43 are second to none.

The Pyramid trigger kit is geared towards those end users who are looking for a shorter faster trigger pull. The factory trigger kits are normally around 5-6 lbs, and are normally mushy.

The Pyramid kit allows the trigger installed on the Glock 43 (G43), to be reduced from roughly seven pounds. The reduction is almost 50 percent considering that the new pull will become four pounds.

Some shooters will argue that they prefer the standard glock triggers because they allow the shooter to have a more study pull. Albeit, with a four-pound trigger, the shooter will need to be slightly advanced to make sure that their intended target is ready to be neutralized.

Novice shooters might like that the trigger will be a lot crisper and easy to shoot. Competition shooters will appreciate the lack of travel from safety disengagement to pulling the trigger. The trigger will become very predicable if there is no extra wiggle room to deal with.

Arguments have been made that the trigger kits might be a conflict of interest if installed in a concealed weapon. Pistol owners should let the courts and their attorneys do the litigating and focus on shooting threats accurately. Minimizing collateral damage and capitalizing on proper points of impact are easier to defend than dropped or missed impacts. The fact that the pistol fired as intended and you were able to defend yourself in the fastest and most accurate manner should speak volumes of your training and ability to handle a weapon under pressure.

This trigger has a couple of applications. Competition, and self defense shooting are likely the intended audience of this upgrade. If your looking to carry this in your service or issued weapon consult your armorer or administrative policy so that you can be sure you are covered if this weapon is used in a real world application. Stay vigilant.

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Learn About the Glock 43 Pyramid Trigger Kits