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Learn How To Fire An AT4 Rocket Launcher From A Marine


Let a Marine show you how to properly fire a rocket launcher!

While it may not seem like a practical application for some folks, firing an AT4 rocket launcher is bound to deliver a thrill. Many of us have seen a bazooka before. Think of the AT4 as a modern, souped-up version of an old bazooka. Same concept, only with more firepower!

What better way to learn how to fire an AT4, than from an actual Marine? Many of us may never have the opportunity to do so, but at least we’re able to get a glimpse at how it’s done. Marine Corps style, to boot. Looks like fun, right?

There you have it: the next best thing to a hands-on session. This launcher is nothing to mess around with; proof of that is in its three safeties. Only after a person is properly schooled on the anatomy and functions of the launcher, can one expect to fire it safely and effectively.

Thanks to a variety of camera angles, it feels like we’re right there. Firing the launcher brings the heat in the California desert. The AT4 rocket launcher’s capabilities are truly remarkable.


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Learn How To Fire An AT4 Rocket Launcher From A Marine