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Learn to Debone an Entire Deer in the Backcountry

Learning to debone a deer or other big game animal will give you the confidence to hunt farther from the road and make you more successful.

Big game animals respond to hunting pressure and the most pressure is almost always within easy walking distance of a road or motorized trail. Many hunters know this, but are intimidated by the chore of retrieving downed game if they get too far from their rig.

By learning to debone your game in the field, you’ll significantly reduce the weight you need to carry and make the packing job manageable, even if it’s not enjoyable.

Watch the video to learn how the Stuck N the Rut guys debone their animals.

If you choose to disassemble and pack your game from the field, it’s important to know the laws in the area you are hunting. Most places require proof of sex be left on the animal, some places require that you leave a tail or a patch of hair, and others state that the bone must be left in the meat.

Another rule that differs from area to area is the wanton waste rule. In many areas you only have to take the quarters and backstraps, while others require you to remove all the rib and neck meat. Whatever the laws in your hunting area, make sure you follow them to avoid getting a fine or worse.



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Learn to Debone an Entire Deer in the Backcountry