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Learn to Create a Mock Scrape in This 1-Minute Video [VIDEO]


Help draw that buck right to you with this easy mock scrape setup.

While scouting for areas to hunt this season, there is no more important sign that a buck is in the area than a fresh scrape. Mature bucks use scrapes to mark their territory and alert does in the area that he is there around mating season.

A great way to make that buck come back to that area is to make a mock scrape on top of his. He will see this as a challenge from another buck who is trying to move in on his area, and will soon be on the lookout for who did it.

Follow this quick and simple way to make an effective mock scrape in the area you are hunting to up your chances of taking down a trophy buck this season.

I have seen other videos and articles in the past demonstrating other techniques for creating mock scrapes. I have never seen the use of wax paper to place scent on to allow it to work longer though, and it is a genius little hack that I plan to try myself.

If you are out scouting and happen to run along a scrape line in the area you are in, make sure to mark that area on your GPS or map as a place you definitely want to setup in. A day or so before you plan to hunt, return there and make your mock scrapes.

This will set you up for a high chance of at least seeing the buck who made the original, and hopefully getting a shot.

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Learn to Create a Mock Scrape in This 1-Minute Video [VIDEO]